jaybbgirl - Seducing My Boyfriends Bestfriend


jaybbgirl - Seducing My Boyfriends Bestfriend
Oh yeah, my boyfriend went to go to take a shower or something. He wanted to get ready before we all go out. Fuck, this top is kind of itchy. It's like irritating my nipples. I really think I should change my top, I just don't know what else to wear. Don't be weird, I'm just changing. What, do my tits make you nervous? How cute. Well now I want to change my pants too...you know you're staring right? You want a closer look? You can't lie to me, I can see it on your face. Here. Isn't this better? Front row view. You have a bulge. No, I like it. Take it out. Oh come on. You clearly want to, and he'll never know. Take your cock out for me.

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