Jerky Girls - Jerked Off By Miss Anderson


Jerky Girls - Jerked Off By Miss Anderson
WHEN A TERRIFIED YOUNG BOY APPLIES FOR A JOB WITH MISS ANDERSON....HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!! THE LEGENDARY JERKY GIRL PULLS DOWN HIS PANTS...AND MAKES HIM CUM ON HIMSELF IN ONLY A FEW MINUTES!!! This little boy had NO idea what he was in for , when he came to apply for a job at the J.E.R.K. Corporation!! Not knowing what the Company did...or what to expect at the Interview....the young lad arrived with his resume...and ends up seeing the Queen Bee Herself....the Legendary Faith!!! Miss Anderson quickly glances at his resume...then She orders him to stand up...She pulls down his pants...and Faith tells him that he is going to be masturbated!! The frightened young boy doesn't last very long in Faith's right hand (who does??!!)...and he cums very quickly. Miss Anderson tells him "not bad...but I have some other boys to interview...I'll let you know....".

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