Jerky Girls - Melanie Olied and Jerky


Jerky Girls - Melanie Olied and Jerky
MELANIE GOES DOOR TO DOOR TO RAISE MONEY FOR THE BIG TIT FUND!! SHE OILS UP HER TITS AND ASKS FOR DONATIONS!!! THE MONEY STARTS TO FLY...AND MELANIE ISSUES A TOPLESS OILED MILKING AS A THANK YOU!!! Melanie is going door to door through the neighborhood.......without a shirt raise money, and call attention to a good cause. The cause? Girls with Big Tits!!! That's right....the "Plight Of The Well-Endowed" as Melanie refers to it. Melanie shows up at this house, where 3 guys are watching Football. Boys are stupid. She tells them that she is looking for Donations to the "Big Tit Fund". She explains that people are always raising money for sick people....poor people......hungry people....but NOBODY seems to care about Girls with Big Tits!!! When the guys ask Melanie what the money will be used for.....Melanie explains to the stupid boys that, of course, the money will be used for Shopping Trips!!! DUH!!!! Melanie offers to Oil up Her Big, Beautiful Tits for the boys...and even let the boys play with Her Big Tits. The donations start flying!!! All 3 guys start throwing hundreds and hundreds of dollars at Melanie!! The donation was so substantial, that Melanie offers to Beat the cum out of one of them as a Thank You. The boys do Rock/Paper/Scissors to see which one shall receive Melanie's right Hand. When a winner is chosen, Melanie proceeds to administer a Topless, Oiled Cock Milking. Her Tits are magnificent as the bounce up and down....glistening with Oil. Surely this well help raise awareness to the Plight Of The Well Endowed!!!

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