Jerky Girls - Sissy Boy


Jerky Girls - Sissy Boy
THIS MAY THE MOST HUMILIATING MASTURBATION EVER!!! MOTHER MAKES FUN OF HER SISSY BOY SON AS SHE MIKLS HIM!!! SHE CALLS HIM A LOSER...A WEAKLING....A BIG SISSY BOY!!! Alura's young, skinny Son has been Beaten up at school by Bullies......and they stole his lunch money!! Alura scold Her Son for being such a pathetic weakling....a Sissy Boy.....and Humiliates him like no boy has ever been Humiliated before!! Alura makes Her Son to strip down and lie on the floor...and She gives him a masturbation during which She NEVER stops making fun of him. She calls him a Loser....a Weakling.....a Doormat.....a Sissy Boy while he pouts. The Humiliating Masturbation continues until he ejaculates all over his Mother's blouse. He is told to "Hit the some a Man!!!"

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