Josie6Girl - One Last Thing


Josie6Girl - One Last Thing
You have been such a good slave to train. You have listened and learned all that I had to teach you about pleasing me. From foot worship, to ass worship, along with completing all your other assigned tasks, you've excelled. There is one final test for you to pass then Mistress will allow you to have that which you want more than anything. I will allow to fuck me after you do this one last thing. You have to eat your own cum. I want you to eat it all, swallow it all, then kiss me. I want to taste your own cum on your lips. The taste of your own cum on your lips tastes like obedience to me. It shows me that you are fully trained and willing to do anything I say. Only slaves who are obedient enough to eat their own cum are allowed to fuck my sweet, tight pussy. How badly do you want to enter me? Bad enough to eat your own cum? I thought so. Now jerk that dick just like I tell you until I give you permission to cum. Then make sure that you catch every drop. guessed it. Eat it all, kiss me, then I'll know that you're ready for the ultimate prize

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