KateRoss - The boobed secretary Part 2 ( on russian


KateRoss - The boobed secretary Part 2 ( on russian
The boobed secretary Part 2 ( on russian language!!!) Customer wrote: Giving a rapid look on desk You can read Your firing letter, so You can understand quickly I’m not joking so suddenly You turn on Yourself, getting on my top, expose boobs naked putting them in front of my face, raise Your dress and after have opened my pants You start rubbing Your stomach on my erected dick: “ I wish only try to test if you have a heart or a stone in breast, fire me while as old times I talk you a tale…”. Your sexy try seems to be ineffective, and I’m able to stop You by my arms so You can turn for a moment, take Your firing letter and a pen from desk, and put them into my hands…: “ fire me, while I’m talking you a tale Stoneheart, and I will disappear forever from this company!”. Really You put letter and pen to make my hands busy to have much possibility to put my damn dick into Your pussy, infact You can but even with busy hands I can block You! There is so a sort of fighting where it seems I blocked You definitely but suddenly phone rings. You have the cleverness and the skill to pass me the phone handset , to remain in silence while I spoke, to turn Yourself and taking cigarette from bag and light one! So taking advantage of my busy hands, in simply way You can put my dick into You and start moving slowly on me, everything after have blowed smoke to my face and fixing me by eyes! “ Yes… yes,… we have to discuss this in another moment…now I’m busy” I answer nerdy to phone while Your move deeper and deeper on me, fixing my eyes, bouncing tits, smiling and whispering : “ I had forgotten anything” (referring to cigarette!). As I can cut the call You take handset back, now taking advantage I can keep Your hips but my power is lower now so while You fix my eyes waiting for my next step suddenly I ask : “ …and what about that tale?!?!”…..” AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” You cry with eyes wide open for satisfaction while You start riding me deeply, wildly and noisily now!!!! Phone rings again, I stretch my hand to receive handset again but I say You to do not stop and readily I reject the call. You ride me gladly and with satisfaction but as cigarette finishes Your move become slower to make You able to switch off it in ashtray. “ Maybe You should lock the door, I just rejected the call…” and You after few moments in silence and have lighted new cigarette: “ Locking the door? I did it… PREVIOUSLY….Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!” and while Your laugh sounds noisily in office and You ride me smoking, Your firing letter flies tattered on floor!!!!!!! After few days: By these tools You become more and more powerful, upgrading Your pay and career. The next step is becoming my vice, and You made also the contract only to sign but today the only person who can stop You has came to office: it’s my wife! Lot of people fired by You, tattle out of company about my submission to You and Your pussy, and pointing out my passion and...

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