Katy Faery - Five Domme POV Blackmail Sissification


Katy Faery - Five Domme POV Blackmail Sissification
Terra Mizu, Miss Roper, Katy Faery, Catherine Foxx, and Miss Gia Love are all sitting on the couch, and they are pissed! Miss Roper speaks up to her girlfriends, "Ladies, I'm sure I told you I was up for a promotion soon.." The girls agree, and tell Miss Roper how they were excited for her. Miss Roper explains that you weaseled your way into talking with the higher-ups, and told them that because she is a woman that she was unfit for the position. Catherine laughs, and smacks a folder in her hand, "Whaaat?!" Gia spits out. "Oh...Wow." Terra and Katy chime in. Miss Roper has an idea of exactly what they should do to address this little issue. They agree that maybe if you have these deep seeded misconceptions of women, then maybe you should get in touch with your feminine side! Catherine shows off the blue folder she has been holding to the rest of the girls. "Especially since I went and dug up all of this information on you.." They all sadistically laugh at you, and tell you that they will send all of it to the higher-ups, and even your wife, if you don't do exactly what they tell you.  They shows you clothes that they have specially picked out for you, laying on the couch. The girls pull out a case full of makeup, and begin to put makeup all over your face. Brushes and makeup tools are flying everywhere.. "I want to BRUSH up your attitude!" They all tell you just how much of a pretty Princess you are becoming. They put a heart-lock collar on you, then pull out a pair of panties. They make you put on the panties, and they pull out stockings. You put the stockings on...one leg at a time. The girls pull out a corset, and you put it on. They pull out a bra, and you refuse to put it on. Catherine pulls you by the collar, and they make you put on the bra on without a fight. "You really need to get in touch with your feminine side." They pull out a lingerie outfit, and make you put it on. They call you a dirty little slut, and pull out a sissy dress for you to wear. You resist putting on the dress, and they remind you of that little blue folder holding all of your dirty secrets. If you don't comply with your sissyfication... Everyone around you will know all of your dark secrets. They all begin to chant.. "Put it on! Put it on!".... And you swallow your pride and slip on the dress.  They all clap and cheer, and pull out heels for you to put on. You slip on each heel, one at a time. Miss Roper pulls out one more accessory, a little bracelet for you to put on. As you start to think the nightmare may be over, Miss Roper pulls out a chastity device, and tells you there is one more thing they can't forget. The most important part - Taking away your manhood. If you're going to be a misogynistic pig, you have to pay with your cock... or they will rat you out to everyone. They lock the device on your dick, and now you are left...stripped of every detail that makes you a man. Miss Roper decides that in t...

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