Kylee Nash - Your New Stepsister Is Bigger Than You


Kylee Nash - Your New Stepsister Is Bigger Than You
This totally sucks. Our parents got married and now YOU'RE my new little brother. Ugh! I never wanted a little brother, but since I'm stuck with you I guess we'd better establish a few ground rules. I'm your BIG sister, as in BIGGER THAN YOU! That means that what I say goes. I flex my arms to intimidate you, then I tear my shirt and bra off so you can really see just how huge I am. I flex my pecs and back while I talk about how much bigger I am and how weak you are. I take off my pants and order you to do the same. When you obey I start to laugh - looks like you're small everywhere! I continue to flex and mock you, commanding you to stroke your cock for my amusement. You stroke for my muscles and cum on my command. I can make my new little brother do anything I want

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