Lady Fyre - Therapy for Your Fantasies: The 1st Test


Lady Fyre - Therapy for Your Fantasies: The 1st Test
You're back in my office today because despite our therapy sessions together, you still haven't figured out if you're straight or gay. Since talking hasn't helped, I'd like to try something new. I remind you to keep an open mind. I've taken care of you this far, and if you just hang in with me a little longer, I think we can find some answers. The only way to really know whether you're gay is to try it... taking a strap on & eating cum that is. After encouraging you to lie down, I begin pegging you. I start gently, and then I increase the intensity as I discover you like it. Getting rougher & rougher brings you closer to orgasm, and I count you down to a nice big load in your own mouth. You did well today. When you come back next week, I'll have a real man waiting here for you

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