Larkin Love - Inflatable Femdom


Larkin Love - Inflatable Femdom
My friend, Mr. Whale, is in for a wild ride. I make him my bitch, threatening to pop him with my stiletto heels if he doesnt lay still and let me have my way with him. First, I take off my bra and rub my huge G-cup tits all over his springy rubber body. Once I know he won't struggle, I taunt him by smothering him with my pussy and ass, grinding into his face until he almost bursts. Now it's time for some real fun! I break out the hitachi massager and strap it to Mr. Whale's underbelly. I switch on the hitachi and climb on top, straddling the whale's tail, and putting my pussy right on the powerful vibrations. My inflatable lover heaves and flexes beneath my wriggling body. I love the feel of his taught, turgid tail between my thighs. After several spectacular screaming orgasms, I turn the hitachi on full blast. Oh my god, I'm going to squirt! I squirt three times in a row, soaking the whale, the bed, and myself with pussy juices. Mmmm, not bad, Mr. Whale. But not good enough! Once I've had my fun, I savage him with a pair of scissors and use his final exhalation to cool myself off. Contains the following erotic elements: INFLATABLES - SQUIRTING - FEMALE DOMINATION - HITACHI MAGIC WAND - GARTER AND STOCKINGS - POPPING INFLATABLES - HIGH HEELS - ORGASMS - BIG TITS - BRUNETTE

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