Larkin Love - Stripper Sister Taboo Findom


Larkin Love - Stripper Sister Taboo Findom
i know where you go by yourself, night after night, big brother. you've been going to the local strip bar! that explains why you're so broke all the time. you're spending every penny you have on the strippers - buying them [] and getting lap dances. what is this obsession you have with big boobs, anyway? if you're going to spend money to look at big boobs, you might as well be looking at mine. mine are sooo much bigger and nicer than any of the girls at the club. just take a look. i look pretty damned good in lingerie, don't i? i can tell you're enjoying the show from the bulge in your pants. now pick your jaw up of the floor and pay up! empty your wallet and give me all your money. and when you're done with that, get your girlfriend's purse and give me all of her cash, too! do as i say, bro, or i'll tell everyone about your titty bar habit. one more twenty, and i'll take off my top . . . wow, you just couldn't handle it, could you. you came right in your pants! hah, i knew this hot little body of mine would make you weak. starring larkin love. female domination - taboo - little sister/big brother fantasies - striptease - lingerie - seduction - blackmail - financial domination - big tits - tit worship - bouncing boobs - ass shaking - femdom pov

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