LatinSandra - Giving Your Little PeePee A Chance


LatinSandra - Giving Your Little PeePee A Chance
Today is your lucky day because I am going to let that little wee wee of yours experience what the big boys with big wee wee's get to experience. Come on, pull your little wee wee out and get it hard and ready. Does it always take this long to get hard? Is that really as big as it gets? The baby carrots in my salad are so much bigger than your wee wee, OMG!!! It's ok though, position that little needle behind me and TRY to get past my cheeks and fuck me. I will continue to encourage your little wee wee by saying, "fuck me" because I know how much your little wee wee likes to hear me say that. Once your little wee wee is ready to pre-ejaculate I'll tell you where I want those driblets to land

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