lilcanadiangirl - Babysitter Takes Your Virginity


lilcanadiangirl - Babysitter Takes Your Virginity
Your parents wont be back for a couple hours, do you want to watch a movie or something?" Your so interested in your phone your not even paying attention to what im saying. "Hello?? are you listening? What are you doing on your phone thats so interesting??" I take your phone and see your watching porn!!! OMG! Really? Thats disgusting. Have you even had sex before? Never? Have any girls at school seen your penis? None??! Well why dont you show me? Dont be shy just show me. Wow you are pretty big. You're so shy and cute. Since your virgin and your parents wont be back for a while... Why dont i take your virginity. I start licking and sucking you, doesnt that feel sooo good? I slide my pussy up and down your cock then I turn around so I can fuck you doggystyle. I turn back facing you and ride you. I spit on your cock and my pussy. You tell me when your going to cum so I grab a towel for you to cum on so you dont do it inside me. Dont tell your parents we did this or I cant babysit you anymore. Ill go make you a snack while you wash up

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