Lily Lou - 4K Workout JOI


Lily Lou - 4K Workout JOI
My best JOI vid so far! I walk in and do some stretches and warming up. I notice you looking at me but I don't let it become too obvious that I'm interested. I smile and give you a couple looks but play it cool until I'm done with my warm up. Afterwards I confront you about it, but I'm not mad, I just tease you about how obvious you are and propose that it's only fair that I get a good look at you since you've been staring at me this whole time. I tell you to take out your cock and do some JOI while I show off my fit body for awhile, then switch to focusing on my mouth for the rest of the vid. I start rubbing my pussy around the part where I switch to showing off my mouth. I cum at the end while I have my mouth open and I'm telling you to pretend I'm deepthroating your cock.

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