Liza Bell - Roll up and Be My Crush


Liza Bell - Roll up and Be My Crush
Let's talk while I roll up and get ready to smoke a nice fat blunt. I am absolutely goofy and a fun loving person. Watch me in my perfect element. Listening to music in my sexy green lingerie that a sweet fan bought from my amazon wishlist. And wearing this new pink wig another fan bought from my wishlist, I love it. Watch me show off my makeup, wig and lingerie while I roll up. Come be my pet/sub and succumb to my presence. When you become my crush, you'll receive 15% off any video of your choosing, while also receiving sneak peeks at new scenes before they drop in my store. Tell me how perfect I look because we both know I look phenomenal.

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smoking fetish lace/lingerie sfw crush black & ebony