Marie Madison - Room Service


Marie Madison - Room Service
You've been on a business trip, and staying in a hotel. It's been a long trip, and you've been working many hours in the hotel, so it's a nice distraction when the sexy maid comes in for room service. Although she's been working all day too, and finds the room to be exceptionally warm. She asks if it would bother you if she strips out of her uniform to finish cleaning the room, and in doing so, obviously turns you both on. It's an even bigger surprise when she asks you for a warm beverage. You tell her you don't have anything to offer, but she disagrees. She gets down on her knees at the desk and takes your cock out to suck it. She then strips naked and begs you to fuck her on the couch. You do, first slowly, then even more excited, you flip her around and fuck her fast and hard doggie style. She's still thirsty, so when you empty your balls in her pussy, you catch it all in a glass and give it to her, which she happily gulps down like a cum hungry slut. You make a note, and decide you'll be calling for room service again tomorrow

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