MessyCleo - CUSTOM: Boob Bouncing and Wobbling


MessyCleo - CUSTOM: Boob Bouncing and Wobbling
Cleo is standing in front of a mirror and treats her boobs to some oil. She massages and strokes them until everything is nice and shiny. She then does a little bit of exercise, while her boobs wobble and sway. After that she has a bit of a rest and lies down on her back. She moves up and down, making her breast jiggle and wobble. She then gets on her knees, letting her boobs dangle, and then let's them swing up-and-down and side-to-side. Finally, she gets on her knees, applies some more oil and swing her boobs around. This creates some nice slapping sounds. Throughout the video, there are close-up slowmotion segments.

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big boobs topless oil boob bouncing bouncing boobs