MessyHot - Hair by Honey slime sploshing music vid


MessyHot - Hair by Honey slime sploshing music vid
Honey Heptane has started providing unique hair treatments along with Stevie, and Bella stops by to be her first client. After a little brief conflict over who gets to take care of Bella, they decide to collaborate in a video that is a unique combination of wet and messy play, slapstick, silent film aesthetics and happy hardcore / uk hardcore This video was scored by Mitomoro with a track made just for it called Ragtime ('97 type mix). When I requested a track that was a combination of 90s style happy hardcore and ragtime piano, I couldn't have had a more accurate track delivered. Check Mitomoro out at: Make sure to follow MessyHot on IG: If you're a rave / electronic music fan and happen to also enjoy comedic videos of people getting messy, make sure to keep your eyes on this channel!

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