Miss LingLing - Smell my Panties of Power


Miss LingLing - Smell my Panties of Power
I’m called into the office by my boss, he sounds confused. We just came from a meeting with a big shot client and no one had been able to contract his account. But I had a secret weapon in the board room and I sold the client our business . My boss is confused on how I managed to sway our client, but more importantly, what was that smell coming from in between my legs in our sales meeting? My boss can still smell me, my pussy stench is so pungent and powerful. I confessed that I researched my client, and found out about his Dirty panty fetish. He had proposed to me a week before that if I wore a pair of panties for a week straight, exercised in them, drenching them in sweat, masturbating in them, soaking them in my cum, and wearing them to the meeting so he could smell my powerful pussy from across the board room table, he would do business with me. I lift my skirt to reveal the dirty smelly panties that infused the Office with my Pussy stench. I slipped them off right in front of my boss and dangled my panties in his face. The smell was so powerful that it controlled his mind, before he knew it, he had given me a promotion. I was now the boss and he was my assistant. His first duty working under my panty spell, was to ship off my stinky panties to our new client

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