MoRina - MoRina Cuffed in Boots


MoRina - MoRina Cuffed in Boots
As this video begins, I am cuffed at the neck with my Chicago neck collar and attached by chain to a hook at the ceiling. My shiny and tiny tiny silver top and skirt are a great match to the shiny metal restraint. The stiletto heels of my red thigh-high boots click nervously across the tile floor as I struggle against heavy metal collar. The bad man enters and adds to the restraint with a pair of handcuffs at my wrists, quickly followed by a second pair of handcuffs just above my elbows. Did you read that correctly? Handcuffs around my upper arms! I honestly didn't think they would fit without horribly pinching my skin, so you'll see my movements slow down when I realized what was happening! Amazingly, they barely fit at the first arms started losing circulation immediately. Not one to do things halfway, my captor adds thumbcuffs to further complete the job. Of course, those legs couldn't be left alone. I look down to see another set of handcuffs being put on my ankles! Not shackles, because those would be too comfortable, right? It's really tough to keep my balance with the cuffs so tight on my ankles and only a couple inches of chain between them! I think that my punishment is complete, but no...add in some humiliation as my top is pulled down, fully exposing my tits and my skirt is pulled up to reveal my tiny red thong

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bondage handcuff and shackle fetish damsel in distress struggling boots