Natalie Mars - Chastity Maid Service


Natalie Mars - Chastity Maid Service
Wearing a very short latex maid dress and a tiny little pink chastity cage, I work hard on completing my chores, mopping the floor like a good girl while my Master relaxes on the couch watching TV. Inevitably, he gets distracted by me prancing around and bending over in front of him and orders me to my knees with a snap of his fingers. I immediately comply and start sucking his cock as I've been trained to do - my own dripping precum in it's cage. He starts to finger my ass and I know what that means - he's going to fuck me. He bends me over the arm of the couch and pounds my asshole long and hard, making me moan and gape. At one point I try to play with myself, but he pulls my hand away - I know better. Once he's had enough he puts me on my knees and drains his balls into my open mouth, plastering my tongue and face with his cum. With cum still on my face, he orders me back to my chores

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