NinaCrowne - 3 Holes Vs. 18 Toys


NinaCrowne - 3 Holes Vs. 18 Toys
I'm very horny but don't know what toys I want to use to cum--so I use them all! I use each of 5 butt plugs, 3 vibrators, and 10 dildos, staring out with the smallest of them all and moving up until I have my biggest anal plug and dildo inside me. After I take a dildo out of my pussy, I suck on it; I can't resist fucking my mouth too. I've *never* been so full and stretched, not even outside of a video. I didn't know I would cum so hard with my holes so full! Includes several different angles of masturbation: reverse cowgirl, on my back, on my side and doggy style. tags: brunette, dirty talking, orgasms, cumming, solo female, solo masturbation, anal, ass fucking, dp, stretched, gaping, tattoos, alternative, big clits, big pussy, big pussy lips, eye contact, moaning, doggy style, slutty, horny slut, glass dildos

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