Only3x Network - QuickFap 10m of Alyssa Reece , Mina , Jo


Only3x Network - QuickFap 10m of Alyssa Reece , Mina , Jo
The Only3x Network presents another Quick Fap presentation of Alyssa Reece , Mina , Jordan Hart , Adira Allure , Lutro , Pedro , Roberto , Totti by Only3X Series, titled "Episode 10 - Cock Auditions" Quick Fap - when you only have 10 minutes to pleasure yourself! Look out for the full version here on Many Vids! This version of the scene is exclusive to ManyVids. Our hero, J.J. has been in Tenerife having lots of adventures - see episodes 6,7,8 and 9 - at the start of this week`s segment he returns home to find out what happened when the Whore House was burgled? Waiting to greet him are two hot helpers - leggy blonde Aliz (ADIRA ALLURE from USA) and slim brunette Julie ( MINA from Latvia). The girls tell him that the break-in was a bit mysterious, despite muddy footprints and the lock being picked, nothing was apparently stolen. But ADIRA says its not all bad news since J.J.`s departure - the motel has continued to have guests and just about to leave is s sexy milf called Magda (played by Canadian porn star, ALYSSA REECE). J.J. (JORDAN HART), is exhausted and heads upstairs for a cool shower after his long flight. Here he meets Magda who says that she has enjoyed her stay, a chance for quiet reflection, as her marriage is not going well. She asks J.J. a favour - confessing that she has never had an orgasm in her life - and asks him if in view of his porn contacts he can find a young stud who can really satisfy her sexually ? She offers the huge sum of 2,000 euros if a guy can be arranged to give her an orgasm. J.J. promises to help and Magda says she will be back for a second stay a few days later. We then see Aliz and Julie auditioning no less than four guys. But first the girls offer a little lesbian show, rolling around on a bed in the Winter Garden, sucking on boobs, french kissing and finally licking each other`s pussies. Its intense stuff and the guys are told not to touch themselves but just to watch. After their performance the girls check out the boys to see the effects of their show. One of them is not stiff, another seems to have cum to soon but two guys, Laci and Tamas, are rock hard. Dismissing the failures, the hot bitches now concentrate on the two stiff dicks, sucking and licking them. They exchange cocks and even double blowjob the lucky dudes until at last its two much for wannabe stud Tamas who blows his load in MINA`s mouth. We see the double cream swirling around on her tongue before the slut swallows his load. But Tamas is now out of the race. This leaves Laci still rock hard and needing to fuck. Aliz (ADIRA ALLURE) sets to work to satisfy this well hung guy (played by Czech porn star, LUTRO). He is feeling very horny and desperately in need of a fuck. First he rams his dick into her missionary style. ADIRA is the kind of porn slut who fucks on camera before she loves sex and we can see this straightaway as she almost screams with delight. He...

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