Penny Lee - Dani Fattens Up Penny


Penny Lee - Dani Fattens Up Penny
Custom....Penny Lee is in the kitchen stuffing her face with a feast. Loads of crisps,cookies and big cake. She is completely naked and cannot stop herself from eating all this food. She knows she needs to stop as she is getting fatter and fatter and this is exactly what the witch wants to see her getting plump ready to eat her but she doesn't. The mouthful are very large wit5h food in both hands. Then Dani the witch comes in to find her stuffing her face. This makes Dani very happy to see her little piggy really fattening up. She has a good examination of her growing figure. Seeing her belly grow and her boobs and bum getting larger makes the witch very happy she is nearly ready to be eaten but not yet she wants her even fatter. Penny starts to really worry and decides to seduce Dani by suggesting treating to the witch to a little treat. Penny hopes that suggesting to eat out the witch might distract her from wanting to eat Penny. The witch thinks this is a brilliant idea so she leads her piggy upstairs for her orgasm.......PART 2 COMING SOOON

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