Princess_LeiaCM - Daddys Helping Hands


Princess_LeiaCM - Daddys Helping Hands
Mommy has been angry a lot lately and I can tell she stresses Daddy out. It's not right to see Daddy so stressed out all the time. They just had a big fight and Mommy left so Daddy went to his room. I'm going to sneak downstairs and comfort him. Whenever he needs a break from her, I want to be there to make him feel better. I know what Daddy really wants are my helping hands. After a quick release, Daddy will feel much better! Video Includes: HD taboo, daddy's girl, slut talk, 18 & 19 yrs old, handjob, dirty talk, cum play, tit play, just hands, cum eating, cumshot, tease, topless, POV, moaning, princess leia, porn

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