Savannah Fox - squirting in panties +on feet


Savannah Fox - squirting in panties +on feet
Hi baby, I know you've been putting in such long hard hours at the office. So I decided to make a little surprise for you... I've made you a special tape for you to have when you go away on those long business trips. I know how much you love my big jiggly booty. I love the way you show me off at all your office parties, making all your coworkers jealous. But I wanted to make you a tape of your secret little kink. I know how much you love my perfect little feet. Rubbing them, kissing them, feeling them stroke your cock. There is one thing ive never done for anyone and I want it to be for you baby. I'm going to fuck myself so hard that I squirt all over my cute fat feet. Im going to cover my feet with all my love juices, thinking about the way you fuck me. In fact my pussy is already so wet and hot for you. I think I should cum in my panties first. I'm going to vibe my pussy until I squirt in my thong like a naughty girl. Then I'm going to hide these panties in your drawers for you. So you can come across them and know how much of a dirty wife you have. Oh fuck baby, I came so hard, and made a big puddle on the floor but now I need to feed my pussy. I'm so turned on by the thought of you filling me up. Oh please baby wont you give me every inch of your cock? I want it deep inside me, coaxing every last drop of squirt out, I'm going to drench my feet with cum and then lick it off my feet just like the dirty naughty girl you married

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