SeeHim - Czech DILF Enjoys Ass Play


SeeHim - Czech DILF Enjoys Ass Play
This scene, which was shot a mere 5 days ago on the 8th, features Czech stud Ridge Crix, who we teamed up with fellow countrywoman Jenifer Jane for this hot scene. It starts off with Ridge taking off his sharp clothes so we can see his muscular body and thick uncut prick. Jenifer then comes in and go straight for his armpit, giving it a good lick-n-sniff. She lubes Ridge up before turning her attention to his feet, suckling his toes as he strokes his cock. Then it's time for some ass eating and WOW is Ridge's asshole pristine! Jenifer's tongue gets to work, lubing up his bare balloonknot so she can slide in a digit or two. Ridge then gets on all fours so Jenifer can practice her rusty trombone skills before sliding another finger in from above. She then sucks and strokes his cock before it's time for some good old fashioned hardcore fucking! Ridge bangs her doggystyle before she takes her pussy for a cockride. And you know what happens next? If you've been a fan of the site for more than a day, you know it's MORE ASS RIMMING!! This damn near puts Ridge over the edge, so he puts Jenifer on her back and hammers away until we go Picture In Picture so we can see his face as he makes a map of Hawaii on her stomach. Ridge is joined by Jenifer in the shower for the post-sex interview.

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