Shy_my_ass - Skinny Dipping In The Creek: Clean Booty


Shy_my_ass - Skinny Dipping In The Creek: Clean Booty
Feeling hot from hiking all morning, I decided to stop down by the creek for some cooling off. Hiking means strenuous walking, and that means sweaty butt! It felt so good to scratch directly over my hole when I had an itch. Dont worry its not poison oak (yet ). The water was so cold I quickly loat feeling in my feet just standing there, but as soon as the cold water mingled up between my cheeks, my asshole puckered up as I slid the bar of soap ontop of it and scrubbed my genital region clean. Of course my cock loved the gentle feel of the bar of soap running up and down my hardening shaft. My balls couldnt take the cold either, they withdrew up inside me as my cock began to get hard from the caressing of the soap as it rubbed against it. All in all, it was a refreshing experience and I will be recording many more skinny dipping videos as they happen.

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