SophiaSylvan - Pain into Pleasure


SophiaSylvan - Pain into Pleasure
I walk into the living room naked except for stockings, and connect to Video chat with you. I got some pills online that are supposed to turn pain into pleasure and I can’t wait to try them out! They recommend one…I take three, what the hell, I want to make sure it works! You’re nervous but excited to watch me inflate myself, knowing it is a mutual fetish we share. Nothing to make sexy pain like belly inflation, especially when you go to the max, and I can’t wait to see what happens when the pain turns to pleasure! I take out my aquarium pump and insert the two hoses in my butthole. I sit on the couch naked and spread, rubbing my tummy and talking to you as it inflates slowly. You can visibly see my stomach start to stretch and expand! As it fills up, I start to feel the characteristic cramps, but then I moan with pleasure and can’t resist touching my pussy! It’s working! I gasp with pain and immediately moan with delight over and over, unable to believe it is effective. I climax like this and then show you my inflated belly, so huge, hard and round—up close. I know I shouldn’t, but I want to take it further. I take two belts to isolate my tummy and tighten them. You’re shocked when I grab my bicycle pump, you how how quickly and painfully that inflates me. Each pump makes my mouth widen with pleasure and pain and the sounds of ecstacy escaping my lips are unmistakable. I relentlessly inflate myself, and you’re stricken with worry and arousal. You’re afraid I’ll go too far and pop! I cum again, screaming with pleasure. Not a minute goes by and I want more, more, MORE! I hook up my vacuum pump to my belly button, certain that more pain will lead to a greater orgasm! I put the aquarium pump back in and lubricate my belly with oil. Before long I’m screaming and shuddering, my body thrashing around. I declare that I can feel my intestines rupture and you hear a popping sound! I shriek with yet another thunderous climax, then scream and thrust out my stomach as a POP sound erupts and the screen goes black, I clearly went too far this time…Discount price because of the slight loss of focus for a few minutes of the clip, but it still looks great as you can see from the gif and preview

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