SophiaSylvan - Squirting in Spandex


SophiaSylvan - Squirting in Spandex
Let's enjoy my body together in this tight wet-look spandex. I provoke you with my curves, slipping into the tight gloves to caress my breasts under the leather and chain harness, rubbing my pussy, then turn around to get into doggystyle on the chair and really spread my ass wide, holding the position as you gaze deeply into my brown eye. On my back I can easily finger and rub my cunt, moaning out my pleasure in a nice orgasm. But I'm just warming up, I want my pussy filled. So I grab a favourite toy and work it over my clit, then inside my wet pussy. Soon I'm spreading wide and pounding hard, and cumming again in a big squirt. I cum all over my pussy and thigh, and come up close so you can see how wet I am, and how far the juices travelled. I scoop some up with my gloved finger and lick it clean, would you like to share?

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