Stella Liberty - Dungeon Floor Boot Domination


Stella Liberty - Dungeon Floor Boot Domination
Mistress Stella Liberty has been walking on the dirty dungeon floor in her sexy leather boots and it is time for them to be cleaned. Luckily she has a slave's mouth handy for the purpose and Mistress Stella has no patience for lazy slaves. She orders him to clean the soles and heels of her leather boots with his tongue, licking the supple leather and taking in the essence of a Goddess. He tastes the dungeon floor along with the leather, increasing her pleasure as he is embarrassed and kneeling naked at her feet. That is the proper position for any man in the presence of Mistress Stella Liberty and her leathers. Furthering her control, she uses her leather gloves to hold his mouth and nose, overwhelming him with her power.

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femdom boot domination boot fetish hand over mouth boot licking