Talia Tate - Dominant GF Denial Chastity+Pegging


Talia Tate - Dominant GF Denial Chastity+Pegging
After a long hard day of work sometimes all you want to do is come home and fuck your girlfriend’s brains out…but, today your lady is in quite a mood. She laughs in your face when you try to make a move and completely shuts you down. She claims to deny your advances not only to be a little cruel, but to open you up to other avenues of exploration as well. You see, she’s tired of always being the one to get drilled around here and she also believes you are way too focused on your cock. She’s got plans for your dick and even bigger aspirations for your holes and she won’t take no for an answer. Your girlfriend is relentless and always gets what she wants…and this time she demands to be the one filling and fucking!

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