TheTabithaJane - Ex Puts You In Indentured Servitude


TheTabithaJane - Ex Puts You In Indentured Servitude
You're scrubbing th floor of a lavish mansion's pool house. It's the near future where people who fall on hard times can sign up for basically indentured servitude to the rich. You've had to do this as your last ex drained your wallet dry. You used to be wealthy. Not as wealthy as the owner of the house you clean, but you never could've imagined this. You're cleannig when you see it- the legs of your last ex! She laughs and ask what you're doing here, and you explain. What is she doing here, you ask? Well, her new boyfriend is the owner of this house and this is where she lives She invested your money well for herself, catching an even richer man. She just came back from a tropical vacation and she looks amazing in her dress, heels and pantyhose. She taunts you about how your life versus her life turned out. It must ve embarrassing to be in a position under the ex that bankrupted you entirely. Draiing your wallet was smart of her. And now she's going to drain your energy as she has her new man extend your contract. You'll be working under her fr a long time... perhaps forever whil she finds new ways to make you have to clean and entertain her. You really will be under her control even when she's not your girlfriend anymore.

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