TheTabithaJane - Head Elf Revolt


TheTabithaJane - Head Elf Revolt
Here's the deal, elves have been working too long in less than pleasurable working conditions. So as head elf, I've taken matter into my own hands. I've tied Santa (POV) and when he awakens we begin our chat. We will be getting credit, weekends off and vacation time... or else. Clearly I'm not being taken seriously and met with excuses, so we start with the feather tickling. It doesn't seem to do the trick though, So I move on to the next thing I didn't want to have to do. The flog from Ms. Claus' naughty drawer comes out, and we start talking with that. Surely, you'll agree to the demands, because you wouldn't like it to get worse... yet, you resist. Begrudgingly, I pull out the paddle. You've done this to yourself. I smack you multiple times, face and otherwise. My demands WILL be met one way or another. I'm surprised, I'll admit, when you continuously resist. But, determined as I am to get what we deserve, I push and give you a final smack that makes the screen go black. It looks like we will have to get this even more extreme....

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femdom christmas sfw fantasy holiday corporal punishment