TheTabithaJane - Sexy Witch Turns Your Orgasms Into Power


TheTabithaJane - Sexy Witch Turns Your Orgasms Into Power
You summoned a witch… but she was in the middle of a little sexual fun for herself. This always seems to happen to her and she's kind of annoyed, but, has to complete the tasks you give her before she can leave, as is the binding spell you have her under. Similar to a genie, you have three things you can ask her to do. You're intrigued on how this sexy, lingerie-wearing witch was getting her pleasure, so you ask her to talk about it. She tells you that you must use one of the tasks to get her to answer. You do, and she tells you about her sexual desires. She tells you this fantasy she was having was where she summoned a human to her abode instead of them summoning her. She sometimes likes playing with humans herself. You find she's a sensual dominant witch, and she tells you her fantasies of having her power over them, literally and figuratively. She likes using her magic to tie them up, making them super horny, and using their tongue for her pleasure as she sits on their face and magically makes them faster so they can make her cum over and over. She can even change the size and shape of their cocks for her pleasure. You see, humans frequently like having the perfect cock for her. It sounds so good.... She abruptly ends her story. You're now filled with lust and want to be the perfect cock for this witch. You've used one part of the binding spell to summon the witch, one to hear her sexy story, and now you want to use the third to be useful to her and experience sexual pleasure. She tells you that you don't want to be like other humans, you want to stand out and be special don't you? Well, the best way to do that is to use your last part of the spell to give her power through your sexual pleasure. Make her more powerful with every desire you have. Make it so not just this one time, but every time you're horny, tht energy and power transfers to her. It'll make it feel better for you too. You're convinced, and you give your last wish... Little do you know that she's planned this. You were so distracted by her sexual prowess you forgot your original summoning plan and now not only is she free, but she's in control of you with her full powers! You wished to give her not just sexual power, but all power in general! Now, she is going to use you to be stronger, sexier, and make you increasingly more addicted to her. The more you want, the more you stroke. The mmore you stroke, the more power you give. And then she has even more power to control you. The cycle will be never ending....

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