WCA Productions - Blackmailing My Stripper Sister Part 4


WCA Productions - Blackmailing My Stripper Sister Part 4
ive been having fun blackmailing my sister and making her do naughty things for me but ill be honest i was starting to feel bad. so when i got home from work i went straight to my sisters room and made her a deal. i told her that if she did what i asked during our next lap dance session then i would delete the blackmail i had f her, she happily agreed. i decided that today i wanted a completely nude lap dance, like we were both gonna be naked. she agreed without even arguing, she was just so happy to be free. so she gave me a little strip show, after that she mounted up and started grinding her bare pussy on my cock. she started to get really into it and then it happen, she ground really hard and my dick slipped inside of her! we both froze and i said i was sorry, she slowly kept grinding back and forth while she was looking at me. she looked really serious and asked if i was really gonna delete the blackmail and i said i was, she said good now FUCK ME! i fucked my horny bitch of a sister the way she wanted and gave a nice creampie at the end! This is part 4 of Blackmailing My Stripper Sister, this series stars Demii God. this is a POV Taboo Blackmail Lap dance Camel Toe Grind Slide Sex scene.

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