whores_are_us - Cranking


whores_are_us - Cranking
Custom Vid Outfit: Short tight dress, black leather jacket, white knee-high boots from Toy Car Crush video Script: The video starts with you getting into your car, about to go out. You go to drive off, but you're surprised to find that it won't start. Confused, you get out and walk around the car for a bit, bending over, inspecting it, and generally teasing the camera. You don't see anything wrong with it, but as you keep looking, you stop and start to feel as though you're being watched from somewhere. Intrigued, you decide to put on a bit of a show for whoever's watching, and as you walk to the back of it, you announce that you're going to try and push the car. You spend the rest of the video (7-8 minutes) trying to do just that. You start trying to push the car and playing up your struggle for your possible spectators: tossing your hair around, moaning and groaning sensually, getting into lots of exaggerated poses that show your outfit off for the camera. You're fairly talkative throughout as well: sensually narrating what you're doing and how you're trying to move the car, commenting on the outfit you're pushing in, etc. At one point, you decide to try and push from the front of the car, but after a minute or two of trying from there with no luck, you return to the back. Toward the end of the video, you take your jacket off and try pushing without it, but the car never budges. Eventually, you grow satisfied with the amount of struggling you've done, and you walk off to go get help, hoping whoever was watching enjoyed the show.

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